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K1084 14M2 Picaxe Starter Module

Picaxe 14m2 Starter Module
Part Number: K1084
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The K1084 has the PICAXE14M2 at the heart of the starter module. It has terminal blocks that allow you to use all of the 11 input/output that the micro controller has.There are a number of advantages in using separate modules rather than one integrated unit.
Firstly, it can be very useful to have to physically connect the input and output components to the PICAXE module when you are first learning to use microcontrollers.
Secondly, it enables you to use one or both of these modules in future projects.

This not only makes it a versatile system but also cost effective.Team it up with a K1086 Student Experimenter Kit and start learning. The kit contains a PICAXE 14M2 chip, IC socket, PCB, 3 x AA battery case with on/off switch, LED power on indicator, terminal block connections.

NB:  To use this starter module you will need the PICAXE Programming Editor 6  Software loaded on your computer and an PAXE027 USB download cable. PICAXE software is FREE and can be downloaded from http://www.picaxe.com/Software/ 

Batteries are not included.

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